Fees & Ages
The ages listed below are simply guidelines; a Teacher may decide whether to place a particular student by age or ability. If a Teacher decides to place a student based on ability, it will be done at the Teacher's discretion only. If a Teacher decides to place a student by age, please remember all workshop and scholarship ages are as of January 1, 2015.

Level changes can be made within the first two classes of the workshop. Please notify the 24 SEVEN desk of any level changes and we will exchange wristbands, if necessary. There will be a charge for level "upgrades" but NO REFUNDS for downgrades.

TEACHER (18+) $290 $340 $190 $215
SENIOR (16-19) $240 $290 $165 $190
TEEN (13-15) $240 $290 $165 $190
JUNIOR (11-12) $225 $275 $165 $190
MINI (7-10) $225 $275 $165 $190
SIDEKICK (5-7) $95 $135 - -
OBSERVER $40 $40 - -

(Dance studios will most likely apply their own additional administrative fees.)
  • You may register for 24 SEVEN by mail or online (with a credit card) by clicking here. ENTRIES VIA FAX OR PHONE WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.
  • Please send ONE check for all fees. There is no need to send separate checks for Workshop and Competition. Checks should be made payable to 24 SEVEN Dance Convention.
  • Early Tuition Fees apply to all registrations postmarked 30 days prior to the first day of the event. If fees are not paid in full 30 days prior, early fees will not be applied.
  • Dancers are not required to compete in order to register for the workshop. However, dancers are required to be registered for the full workshop in order to compete.
  • All returned checks will be subject to a $35 fee.
  • No refunds on workshop fees — NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • Dancers are not required to register for the workshop with a studio. Independent entries are welcome!
  • Regional workshop scholarships may be redeemed by attaching the scholarship certificate to the Workshop Registration Form. Photocopies of the tour scholarship are acceptable. Scholarship winners may also register online at www.24sevendance.com, as we have all scholarship winners on file.
  • Once registration for 24 SEVEN is submitted, it is agreed that all dancers, teachers, parents and other attendees will not hold 24 SEVEN responsible for any injury or loss of property during the event.
  • PLEASE NOTE: At the door, registration must be paid by cash, credit card, cashier's check or money order. 24 SEVEN does not accept personal OR studio checks at any events, at anytime.
Students attending more than one 2014-2015 regional workshop will receive a 50% workshop fee discount for each additional city.
Bring 5-20 Students: 1 Teacher attends free
Bring 21-39 Students: 2 Teachers attend free
Bring 40-59 Students: 3 Teachers attend free
Bring 60+ Students: 4 Teachers attend free PLUS one complimentary hotel room for two nights at the host hotel!
  • When calculating the total number of students, do not include scholarship recipients or Observers.
  • If you qualify for the complimentary hotel room, 24 SEVEN will make the reservation at the hotel and pay for the room & tax. Please provide the name for the reservation on the workshop registration form. The room reserved will have two double beds.
  • Teachers attending more than one 2014-2015 regional workshop, with competing students, may attend all additional cities at no charge.
Discounts are offered to current college students with valid college IDs and can be applied to groups of 5 or more dancers. Dancers must be registered as ONE group with at least one organizer to handle the registration.
5-10 Dancers (Senior Room ONLY): $150/dancer + 1 FREE Organizer
11-15 Dancers (Senior Room ONLY): $125/dancer + 2 FREE Organizer
16+ Dancers (Senior Room ONLY): $100/dancer + 4 FREE Organizer
For all Teacher information, please visit the Teacher Page.
One-Day Workshop
24 SEVEN does offer a one day workshop option. However, dancers that are registered in the competition must be registered for the full weekend and cannot register for the one day workshop.

One day participants are NOT eligible for any scholarships (Non-Stop Dancer or High 5) and can register for the one day workshop for Saturday OR Sunday. If possible, we recommend that participants register for Saturday since the Sunday classes are often continuations of what is started in class on Saturday.
This is a great intro into the convention world for dancers ages 5 & up! The Sidekick program is for young dancers who want to experience 24 SEVEN but might find the two day workshop in the Mini Room too challenging. The Sidekick session will include one tap, jazz, ballet & hip-hop class on Saturday only from 12:30-3:30p (times may vary). The Sidekicks will be learning a short routine with one of the faculty members and will get the opportunity to perform the routine, on stage, before the competition on Saturday! The Sidekick classes are all about FUN FUN FUN!

Sidekicks can also compete in the competition. Parents are allowed to observe the Sidekick classes, FREE of charge!!
Pre-registration is recommended but observer passes will also be available to purchase at the event. The observer pass fee is $40, whether purchased in advance or onsite. All observers must be attending with paid students only and may not be Teachers, Studio Owners or dancers. Observer passes are not needed for the Sidekick room. Observers do not have access to the Teacher room or closed rehearsals at any time. Observers are NOT allowed into the workshop rooms during the AUDITION COMBO CLASSES or NON-STOP DANCER AUDITIONS. Observer passes are not needed for the competition or for the Closing Show. 24 SEVEN reserves the right to limit observers within each ballroom, subject to attendance and space limitations.

observers must keep the following in mind:
  • Make sure passes are visible for the 24 SEVEN staff at all times during the workshop classes in the Senior, Teen, Junior & Mini rooms.
  • Sit and keep all belongings as far back against the walls as possible to provide the maximum amount of room for the dancers.
  • No excessive noise or talking during the classes. It can be distracting to the dancers and teacher.
  • NO videotaping or photography allowed at any point during the workshop classes. Still photos can be taken in between classes, with the faculty, etc.
  • One-day observer passes are not available.
Parent Class
All parents are invited to a VERY fun and informal intro to hip-hop class on Sunday afternoon during Lunch. And don't forget your leotards – because you'll be performing in the Closing Show! See you there!!!
One week before the convention, individualized 24 SEVEN Handbooks will be mailed to each registrant. For Teachers, this package will also have all the convention site information, master teacher’s schedule, studio code, CD labels and other important information regarding the weekend.
If registered by the 30-day deadline, studios will receive an email confirmation detailing their registered workshop participants, competition routines and payment information.
Workshop Schedule
Depending on competition registration, the workshop schedule may vary from city to city. Exact workshop schedules are available for each city one week prior to the event.

the schedule in most cities is as follows:

  • Early Registration begins at 3p
  • Solo & Duo/Trio Competition begins at 4p*
  • Optional master classes from 6-10p
  • Registration begins at 7a
  • Classes run from 8a-2:45p
  • Sidekick classes run from 12:30-3:30p
  • Competition begins at 3:30p
  • Classes run from 8a-2:45p
  • Closing Show begins at 3p**
  • ** In most cities, 24 SEVEN ends by 4p

* IMPORTANT: If there are too many entries to compete all the routines on Saturday, anyone registering for a solo or duo/trio must be available to perform on Fridays after 4pm. If 24 SEVEN decides to schedule any solos or duo/trios before 4pm on Friday and a routine decides not to perform, 24 SEVEN will provide a full refund. In a few rare circumstances, there might be Group Competition on Friday after 4pm. If this happens, we will do our best to notify the studio at least two weeks prior. There will NEVER be Group Competition on Friday before 4pm.